The Current Status of FMD and Detection of Foot and Mouth Disease in Goats using ELISA method in Brunei Darussalam

  • Kahrani Ishak Department of Agriculture and Agrifood
  • Pg Aimi Fadzilah Pg Hj Kamis Department of Agriculture and Agrifood


Brunei Darussalam has been recognized as a free Foot and Mouth Disease country.  Nonetheless, control efforts must be done to maintain this status. A reliable and precise diagnostic test is needed for rapid detection which can make fast decision making by national authorities. This study is not only aim to update current status of FMD in the country but also to proof that the ELISA method used in Veterinary Laboratory Services of Brunei Darussalam is reliable and sufficient to detect presence of FMD. From data collection for the past 5 years, none of the blood serum collected from goat were detected with FMD which confirms that the country is free from FMD. The ELISA test conducted has been validated and accredited to ISO / IEC 17025:2017 since 2019 and has also participated in Proficiency Testing with satisfactory result which confirms that the test is sufficient to detect the presence of this disease. The method achieved 98% and 100% for Diagnostic Sensitivity and Diagnostic Specificity, with null false positive and only 1 false negative. The test also showed satisfactory in terms of repeatability, reproducibility and selectivity. With these satisfactory validation procedures, the country can use ELISA test method as one of the control efforts to prevent and control the spread of FMD if it happens.