Reconnaissance geochemical and geophysical exploration for gold at Iri gold field, north central Nigeria

  • Ahmed Sidi Aliyu Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida University lapai
  • Nuhu Musa Waziri Department of Geology, Federal University of Technology, Minna, Nigeria
  • Hadiza Muhammad Liman Department of Geography, Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida University, Lapai, Nigeria
  • Mohammed Abubakar Mohammed Division of Graduate Studies and Research, Khazar University, Azerbaijan
  • Apeh Aromeh Gideon Adex Resources Limited Minna, Nigeria


Reconnaissance geochemical and geophysical exploration for gold was carried out at IRI Gold field. Geological mapping was conducted and rocks, soils and sediments samples were collected. The outcome revealed rocks of the basement complex of Nigeria made up of mainly, Migmatite Gneiss, Older Granite and the Schist. The major lithology in the area is silicified sheared rocks and large quartz vein. Isolated occurrence of undifferentiated schist was found as parent material on which quartzite intruded possibly during a major geological activity. Shattering of the rocks left boulders and rubbles of quartzite all around two major ridges within the study area. The rocks have shown weak geochemical anomaly except in two locations were positive anomalies were observed and identified as target for further exploration. Gold veins are prominent in the area suggesting potential gold mineralization. Interpretation of the aeromagnetic data give the orientations of the structural features, the major structural trend in the area is NE-SW. The lineaments extracted from the magnetic data range in length from 46.43m to about 1251.66m. Most of the lineaments extracted from the area are subsurface within the quartz-mica and migmatites while some of them have surface expressions even though not clearly defined. These magnetic lineaments could be the contacts between two rock types of contrasting magnetic   susceptibility   or   edges   of   structures   that   could   be faults or intrusive bodies. Interpreted satellite data show several subsurface structures which could be hosts to gold mineralization in the area. Results of the geochemical analysis of rocks, soils and sediments were super imposed on the interpreted aeromagnetic data and similar geochemical and geophysical signatures were established.


Index Terms: Gold mineralization, aeromagnetic data, geochemical data, schist belt, Nigeria