Fermented food in Asia as a source of potential probiotics: Properties and beneficial effects

  • Nur Bazilah Afifah Matussin Environmental and Life Sciences Faculty of Science University Brunei Darussalam
  • Yeo Yen Chin Environmental and Life Sciences Faculty of Science University Brunei Darussalam
  • Ilisa Ishan Environmental and Life Sciences Faculty of Science University Brunei Darussalam
  • Pooja Shivanand Environmental and Life Sciences Faculty of Science University Brunei Darussalam


Consumption of probiotic food is known to strengthen the human natural microbiome, thereby providing health benefits to the host. Fermented food products are found to be natural sources of probiotics, also known as ‘good’ bacteria.

Fermentation and pickling of food have long been carried out as a means of preservation and long-term storage. They have been associated with human nutrition and social aspects. In this paper, a compilation of some of the staple fermented foods found in the Asian region has been provided. The mode of action of probiotics and the benefits they bring to the host such as production of antimicrobial agents, blocking the adhesion of pathogens and toxins and modulation of immune responses have been outlined. Certain concerns have been raised on side effects resulting from over-consumption of probiotics. However, the benefits they bring to the overall well-being of the consumer cannot be overlooked.

Author Biography

Pooja Shivanand, Environmental and Life Sciences Faculty of Science University Brunei Darussalam
Environmental and Lifesciences



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